Almost Free HD TV

Frequestly Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a special "digital" UHF antenna to revieve UHF TV?                                                       
A: No, you do not. In fact, any good quality UHF antenna will work. You may however, need a booster, depending how far from the broadcast tower you are.

Q: Can I use a regular TV, or do I need a new "digital" ready?                                                             
A: Yes, you may use a regular TV, but will need to purchase a "digital converter box"

Q: How many different channels can I get?                                                                                               
A: Presently, there are about 24 different channels on the air.

Q: Wy does my picture go blank for awhile,then come back? 
A: Unlike older analog UHF, the picture doesn't get "snowy", if it is not strong enough to hold the receiver lock,  the picture goes blank (black) untill the signal improves to re-sync the receiver. Picture "pixelization" is the signal just at the edge of a solid signal lock. You either have a perfect picture, or no picture.


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