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UHF TV was formed in the mid 1960's by several civic minded people, who wanted to bring TV service to the West Central Minnesota area. The system has gone through many changes over these years, the latest includes switching over to "digital" broadcasting.

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March 8, 2021
Because of the uncertainty of Covid-19, UHF Television will not be holding its usual annual meeting. Instead, the Board of Directors would like to issue the following Year in Review.

Providing and maintaining a quality UHF signal for Willmar and surrounding communities is the heartbeat of what UHF Television does. Knowing that viewers were home more than other years, we worked to keep the UHF signal strong and steady. The nature of the UHF signal can have its limitations at certain times of year and extreme weather, but overall the signals were steady and reliable.

There were 468 paid customers in 2020. This was an increase of 89 members from the year before. Getting subscribers to pay and new viewers to contribute is always an area that we work at. We are grateful for the support as we did not do the few trade shows that we were usually at this past year. Without paying members, there would be no UHF-TV service. Thank you to all who kept up their

The online option for paying membership dues has gone over well. For those who want to give via credit or debit card or ACH can go to and click on the link to setup their payment.

In 2020, UHF mourned the loss of past board member, Eugene Adams. We will always remember him and be grateful for his service on the Board.

We also want to thank Ritch Mjelde for his years of service to UHF TV as a board member. Ritch resigned but has promised to still be available if we need him. He always held such sound advice and was willing to help in many capacities. THANK YOU, RITCH!

There are two board positions open on the UHF Board of Directors. If you, or someone who is interested in the operations of UHF, would consider serving as a board member, please contact one the current board members (as listed at the end of this Review).

You can get notices or contact UHF if you find us and “Like” us on Facebook, go to our website, call us at the number above, email us, or make sure we have your current email address for email updates that get sent out.

In 2020, UHF was able to apply for and receive grant money from the FCC for four of our five displaced channels. This helped to offset the cost of converting these to new frequencies. This grant money along with a raise in dues in 2020 helped to make UHF’s year a profitable one.

Current UHF Board of Directors

Dave Stuhr, Chairman
Alan Dietz, Chairman
Melissa Geer, Secretary/Treasurer

Members dues are $100 year, which goes to support the system.  If you are financially able to give a larger donation it would be appreciated.

Dues can be mailed directly to:

PO Box 610 

Willmar, MN 56201

Or click HERE to pay your membership dues by CC or ACH!


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